Çocuk - Ergen  Psikoterapisi

Çocuk Psikoterapisi

Childhood and our children are the most sensitive point.

As it is known, childhood is very important in terms of personality development between 0-13 years of age, and psychological tests, inventories and family interviews applied for early diagnosis in the critical range of 0-6 age can be solved more easily.


Same time; The treatments our children will undergo in the medical process sometimes leave traumatic effects. However, although behavioral symptoms have been shown, the normal results of the tests indicate that the problem is purely "psychological".


In most cases, situations that do not require medication (such as lower wetting, nail eating, masturbation, etc.) make the treatment process effective with psychotherapy.

Situations to be taken of the Child Psychotherapy


  • Exam Anxiety

  • School Achievement

  • Speech Disorders

  • Stuttering

  • Bottom wetting

  • Poop incontinence

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Tics - Phobias

  • Childhood Fears

  • Do not lie

  • Stealing

  • Sexual Identity Complex

  • Sleep Problem

  • Brother Jealousy

  • Developmental Tests

  • Self Confidence Development

ÇPsychotherapy has a very important place in childhood and adolescent problems.

Adolescent Psychtherapy

In this period of intense family conflicts, psychotherapy is of great importance in finding a healthy self for adolescents who are experiencing a stormy period in their personality and who are in the process of gaining self.


Adolescent Psychotherapy;

  • Developmental problems in adolescence

  • Adaptation and behavior problems

  • Identity and individualization problems

  • Problems with addiction (parents, computers, substances, etc.)

  • Problems with school, study and learning

  • Failure to cope with exam anxiety and stress

  • Youth psychology and problems

  • Hyperactivity and attention deficit

  • Social phobia, timid personality

  • Eating problems

  • Speech disorders, stuttering

  • Depression, anxiety disorders

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

  • Tics, nail eating, obsessive behaviors

  • Substance abuse issues

  • Problems with sexual identity and tendency

  • Masturbation and other sexual behaviors

  • Post-traumatic psychological support

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