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Individual Therapy
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What is Individual Therapy?

Individual psychotherapy is a therapeutic process in which a relationship of trust between the therapist and the client aims to improve quality of life by facilitating behavior change. During the therapy, clients have the opportunity to face themselves and the problems they postpone. It only includes the steps to be taken with this experience. Behavior or discomfort that the person wishes to change occurs quickly and easily with the techniques in the therapy process. With the steps taken at the right time, he begins to feel compassion, to increase self-esteem and to circumvent decision-making more easily. He / she discovers that the solutions to the problems he / she is experiencing exist within himself and learns how to use these resources. The fact that there are many different therapy methods in the therapist's bag means that it can support the treatment more. The therapist, who is familiar with the client, aims to achieve the best result by applying the necessary therapy method or methods. And so it helps the client to go through the existing treatment process in an easier and faster time.



When to go to individual therapy?

It can be used in the treatment of mental disorders diagnosed with individual psychotherapy (depression, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, etc.), as well as in other personal development areas such as relationship problems, coping with stress or anger, career planning. You can get therapy support for these situations which may cause us to lose our functionality, whether in the mental area or in the personal development area.

What happens during the treatment and therapy process?

1 - Clarify the situation by first thorough screening and screening with the necessary tests,
2 - Treatment plan is made,
3- Appropriate therapy is applied to the person with strong and sufficient methods.

What is the first application?
Accurate diagnosis is the first step in planning the right treatment. Persons who apply to our center for the first time (for psychiatric or neurological examination if necessary) work together with the doctor concerned. where necessary, appropriate persons are tested for MMPI, Rorschach or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. From these tests, personality structures and processes affecting thinking are obtained and included in the therapy plan.

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