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Couple Therapy

The main purpose of marriage therapy aims to strengthen and nurture married couples by providing functional communication in their marriages and gaining new dimensions to their relationships by repairing their communication breaks despite all their efforts and goodwill.

One of the most important things in people's lives is the satisfaction they get from their relationships with others. Whether it is the relationship between mother, father and children, or the relationship between spouses, it can be very annoying for individuals if they cannot get enough satisfaction from these relationships. Their quality of life begins to decline and they drift into a spiral. Therefore, family and couple therapy has a very important place in terms of satisfying people not only from their relationships but also from their lives.

In fact, no relationship is perfect. It would be wrong to look for something perfect. In families and couples, there is always debate and disagreement. Sometimes families and couples can solve these conflicts with their problem solving skills. But in some families and couples the situation starts to progress differently. The parties are in a state of constant discussion in the deteriorating relations. Discussions begin to become more frequent and become insidious. Naturally, relations become more and more weary and the accusations of each other increase. In the relationship, anger bursts often occur.

In Family and Couple Therapies;
• Recognition of individuals
• Spouses definitions
• Getting to know their children
• Learn how to discuss
• Improving problem solving skills
• Accepting differences

At the same time, it is among the aims of individuals to struggle against future problems and to learn to maintain a healthy relationship.

Some of the cases where Family and Couple Therapy can be taken,
• Problems in marriage
• Divorce process problems
• Premarital counseling
• Some changes in living conditions (moving, changing jobs, changing schools, etc.)
• Traumatic events
• Presence of a chronic physical illness
• Family communication problems
• Adoption
• Step-parent-child relationship in re-marriage
• Raising children as a single parent
Like and can be more different topics.

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